Abbey Road:
Creative Eurorack Recording

Abbey Road Institute - Creative Eurorack Recording

Many people visualize at huge intimidating racks full of modules when thinking about modular synthesis. During this workshop we will de-mystify the subject and show how to get impressive results with as little as a small system and a computer.

Topics will cover integration of the system into a workstation, how to produce complex sequences with a single oscillator via overdub, and how to use a modular synth as an external effects processor. The workshop will also cover basic theory in synthesis.

Jan Hennig aka Kabuki made first contact with sound synthesis in the early eighties and has focused on the topic ever since. Apart from teaching at Abbey Road Institute he is also a sound designer for companies like Native Instruments and was responsible for creating the presets of the Softtube Modular System.

During the Workshop he will use the Softtube Modular Plug-In, the Hermod Interface from Squarp Instruments as well a selection of eurorack modules.

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