Abbey Road:
Moog Modular Synthesis mit Hannes Bieger

Moog Modular Synthesis with Hannes Bieger


As one of Europe’s most in-demand mixing engineers Hannes Bieger has built an untouchable reputation, with an exhaustive client list that includes some of the biggest names in contemporary house and techno. Abbey Road Institute is delighted that he takes the time to give a small glimpse into his work as a musician.


Hannes Bieger´s first synthesizer was a Moog, whose sound he loved ever since. Today he is the proud owner of a Moog Modular 35 system and even more enthusiastic about the "Moog-Sound". In his workshop he will present his favorite patches on a Moog-15 system and his approach to modular synthesis. He will also share some tipps and tricks working with a modular system that help programming synthesizers in general.


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