Abbey Road:
Synthesist Reloaded - Masterclass

Synthesist Reloaded - Masterclass

Come visit us at the Abbey Road Studio booth and see and learn how Synthesist Reloaded, Harald Grosskopf together with Andreas Kolinski and Michael Wirtz, perform live and how they create sound patterns using drums, modular synths, and how they integrate with Bitwig Studio.

 Falko Brocksieper, Certified Bitwig Professional, will further present how to make use of Bitwig Studios advanced Modulation System and how to create generative music.

 The concert and Masterclass are hosted by Abbey Road Institute and organised by Keyboards and Bitwig.


Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist Reloaded: The British music magazine THE WIRE praised the vinyl re-release of his 1980 solo album SYNTHESIST as one of the world's most important re-discoveries of the year. In 2011 he promoted the album at the UNSOUND FESTIVAL in New York. Grosskopf stands in a row with legendary German electronic Krautrock formations. In the early seventies he made a name for himself as drummer of the art-rock band Wallenstein. During this time he also met Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Manuel Goettsching's Ashra Tempel, later Ashra. With Ashra he released thirteen albums and toured England, France and Japan.


Andreas Kolinski: Sounddesigner for Oberheim/Viscount, Nord, Technics/ Panasonic and Co-Producer for Carlos Peron (Yello), akmusique, and The Gothic III Gamesoundtrack. Assistant Professor at IMM Düsseldorf / Germany for computerised Musicproduction.


Michael Wirtz: Techno-producer/ Remixer and Artist from Frankfurt, Founder of monokompatibel and Co-Producer Synthesist Reloaded.


Falko Brocksieper started DJ’ing techno & house in the early 90’s, and got into music production shortly after. He has released 3 albums, 20 EPs, and numerous remixes on various labels, exploring all the spaces between techno and electronica.


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