DIY Workshop

Befaco Eurorack Modules DIY Workshop

Build your own Eurorack modules with Befaco. All sort of modules available. From entry level for beginners to medium-advanced ones.

Duration of the workshop depends on your skills and chosen module.
Beginner, 2-3 Hours
Medium, 3-5 Hours
Advanced, 3-5 + might need to take it home

Offered DIY modules:

Power Lunch 68€ beginner
Dual Attenuverter 68€ beginner
VC Slew Limiter 73€ beginner
Inamp 63€ beginner
Mixer 63€ beginner
Power Bus 53€ beginner
A*B+C 98€ medium
Joystick 103€ medium
MIDI Thing 128€ medium
Spring_Reverb 143€ medium
Chopping Kinky 128€ medium
Sampling Mod. 128€ medium
Even VCO 133€ medium
VC ADSR 113€ medium
Instrument Interface 128€ medium
Jumpskiff 183€ medium
BF-22 143€ medium
Hexa VCA 178€ advanced
Crush Delay v2 138€ advanced
Rampage 173€ advanced

**IMPORTANT information:

Limited to 15 participants!

In order to particpate this workshop, please find and order the "Befaco DIY Workshop 5/3/18" ticket in our ticket-shop (see below).
The ticket fee of 20€ will be deducted from the final price which has to be paid in cash at the workshop!

To ensure that the DIY kit you want is available for you at the workshop, you must contact Befaco by email by 26.4.2018 at the latest. Subject: "Befaco DIY Workshop 5/3/18" with name, ticket order no. and the desired module!

The ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed ticket and enough cash to pay the rest here in the workshop area.

Please note that you need a general Superbooth ticket to enter the location!

We have some soldering irons and tools here. But if you have own stuff and want to use it, bring it! Do not forget your eye glasses if you need it for soldering. If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this:


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