DIY Workshop

Serge Modular for Eurorack DIY Workshop

Dr. Wiener & Patch Point guides you to operate on your first or 100th Serge Modules.

Whether its your first time or you have been building for years, Dr. Wiener and Patch Point will provide you the tools and support to build your Serge Modular by Random*Source for Eurorack from the ground up, and send you home with a working module. Please pick module based on skill level.


Offered DIY modules:

MODUL Endpreis** Schwierigkeit
Serge Modular ÷NCOM 158 € Beginner
Serge Modular TWS 183 € Beginner
Serge Modular SSG 168 € Beginner
Serge Modular VCM 213 € Beginner
Serge Modular RING 223 € Beginner
Serge Modular STEREO MIXER 303 € Medium
Serge Modular NTO 353 € Medium
Serge Modular DSG 273 € Medium
Serge Modular VCFQ 223 € Advanced
Serge Modular VCFS 183 € Advanced
Serge Modular RESEQ 253 € Advanced

**IMPORTANT information:

Limited to 16 participants!

In order to particpate this workshop, please find and order the "Random*Source DIY Workshop 5/5/18" ticket in our ticket-shop (see below).
The ticket fee of 20€ will be deducted from the final price which has to be paid in cash at the workshop!

To ensure that the DIY kit you want is available for you at the workshop, you must contact Random*Source by email by 26.4.2018 at the latest. Subject: "Random*Source DIY Workshop 5/5/18" with name, ticket order no. and the desired module!

The ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed ticket and enough cash to pay the rest here in the workshop area.

Please note that you need a general Superbooth ticket to enter the location!

We have some soldering irons and tools here. But if you have own stuff and want to use it, bring it! Do not forget your eye glasses if you need it for soldering. If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this:


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