Concert: Mario Hammer
and the lonely robot

Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot – Définition Synematique

With "Définition Synematique" Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot presents us his third album. Those who know him and his sound will know that besides the extraordinarily sweet robot, analog synthesizers will not be missing. His love for various electronic sound worlds and deep bass harmonies is a predicate. One that he lives out above all in his playful dexterity of words and language. Thus the title of the new album already contains a fusion of language and art beforehand. With every single composition and with the help of various expressions, Mario Hammer succeeds in giving the listener a precise and open view of other cultures. With ease he manages to constantly surprise with his almost infinite range of sounds.

"Définition Synematique" will be released on Cocoon Recordings early next year, allowing the listener to enter a sound landscape whose aesthetics cannot be attributed to the former Düsseldorf or Berlin electronic sound either. No, on his new work he succeeds in creating an encompassing sound design that takes us by the hand to walk through different moods together.

Modern ambience and contemporary electronica unite on "Définition Synematique", with an unparalleled variety of sound aesthetics. Many great musicians and protagonists of these genres can be recognized as role models of Hammer. But Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot is able to shine with his own handwriting. One more reason to get involved with the album as a whole without making comparisons. This outstanding art has its very own quality in word and sound.
Cocoon Recordings is proud and happy to discover another German artist who takes his own steps on the paths of great names. At this year's "Superbooth 2018" Mario Hammer and his Lonely Robot will already play a few tracks from next year's album. So we can be very curious what the two of them will present to us there!

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