Synthesizer Starter Workshop for everyone

Synthesizer Starter Workshop for everyone with Benjamin Flesser


Benjamin Flesser (1986) is a composer and artist with a background in hardware hacking and a particular interest in the artefacts resulting from tolerances and instabilities of systems. He is working with metastable networks, ensembles of analog and digital computing devices, and also electronically amplified mechanical sound sources. The networks in use in his performances are designed with the aim of spontaneous reorganization and differ widely in levels of applied anticipation/experimentation.
His performances and installation works have been presented in different contexts such as contemporary music festivals, galleries and a number of concert venues. Among them: Berlin Atonal, Blurred Edges Hamburg, Contemporary Divan Ficarra, Silent Green Berlin, Delfi Gallery Malmö, NUB Project Space Pistoia, Sorbus Gallery Helsinki and Institut für Neue Medien Frankfurt.


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