Modular Synthesizer Ensemble Präsentation: Heinrich Zille Schule

Workshop and Concert - A participative music project


The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble consists of a fixed setup of 12 Modular Synthesizers and a repertoire of compositions written particullary for the Ensemble. The Ensemble members are changing from project to project and will be introducing and guided by Gammon to present the musical outcome live as an Ensemble.

With a detailed mentoring the process of sound generation of an analog Modular Synthesizer can be experienced and created by the participants themselves. On the basis of the individual created sound material we will experiment, invent, try out, improvise, interpret and compose.
Simultaneous inventing and performing of electronic music it occuring, with the aim to interpret compositions and present them live as an ensemble.

This ensemble project is in the same way exiting and unique social acoustic challenge to Musicians, Modular enthusiasts or people with no previous knowledge. The focus is on a sensual process, listening to each other and a collective ambition.

Lars Salomonsen

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