Sound-Installation Transit
Max Joy & Jonas Margraf




Sound installation for 24 loudspeakers and software

An austere corridor, bringing visitors from A to B. Its function is preserved, the situation changed. A new atmosphere is created. Sounds wander, build formations. States are established and abolished.

The sonic material of the composition is made up of forms of digital synthesis, physical models, field recordings and performed sound recordings.

Transit presents an evolution of the installation Arc, which was shown at Superbooth in 2016. A purpose-built control software facilitates the movement and spatialization of sounds along the corridor.


Max Joy composition and concept
Jonas Margraf composition and programming



Jonas Margraf

makes sound and art with computers.

His performances and installations have been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston, Together Boston, Museum of Human Achievement Austin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hraničář Cultural Center Ústí nad Labem.

He works with his partner Audri Acuña under the name Sune and currently lives in Berlin.


Max Joy

Space-staging and site-specific art in public spaces, starting from sound, architecture and situational conditions, are the challenges for the installations by Max Joy. The choice of media and methods of realization depend on the individual project. Since the early 90ies these installations have been presented in locations as varied as foyers, ruins, skyscrapers, on the lake, or inside public transportation.

Stations along the way have been: Wonga (with Gerhard Behles) at Electronic Art Festival in Antwerpen and at Kunst-Bunker in Nürnberg, the sensor Club in Berlin, Raiffeisen a former bank building in Nordhessen, a modified urban railway - the sensor-Train on the north-south route in Berlin, the Ambient-Lounge at Haus des Lehrers at Alexanderplatz, and much more...


The artists would like to thank Andreas Schneider and the entire Superbooth team, as well as Gerhard Behles
and the Electronic Studio at TU Berlin.


Sponsor: PreSonus / Hyperactive provided audio interfaces and converters.

1 x Studio 192 Audio-Interface

2 x DigiMax DP88 Converter/Preamp

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