Steve H.
performing the 200e

Steve H. on Buchla 200e

Electronic music innovator Steve H began his journey as an experimental musician at Carnegie Mellon University where he studied both music composition and the physics of musical sound. His journey began deep in the basement of the CMU Physics Department where there was a nondescript, unmarked locked room. Inside was a simple table and chair, and magically, on the table, was a brand new Arp 2600. Thus a life long love of electronic music had begun.

Many years later (and several Buchlas later) he has composed scores for TV and film, has won and been nominated many awards including the EMMY. He performs live electronic music internationally and in his hometown: New York City. His music spans from the ephemeral minimalist to outrageous noise-based surround electronic soundscapes, created on his Buchlas, extensive Eurorack system, and collection of controllers.

When not making music, Steve is an e-learning innovator. He is the Publisher/Partner –in charge of content creation, acquisition and production–  for NonLinear Educating, Inc.'s, and Ask.Audio online video education websites.


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