Concert: Joke Lanz
and Thomas Rehnert

Thomas Rehnert und Joke Lanz

The duo Thomas Rehnert and Joke Lanz combine acoustic drums, analog modular systems, video synthesizers and turntables in an improvisational live performance that contains noise-, drone, hardcore and free jazz elements. Their music is characterized by the interweaving of electroacoustic and purely acoustic sounds, the direct interaction of the musicians and the often surprising results. The third actor is a self-controlling modular system that provides the musicians with sound and visual impulses and contexts. In detail, the play of the turntablist Lanz is characterized by his virtuoso and nuacen-rich use of cuts, plate changes, scratches, volume and speed modulations. Rehnert's drumming, on the other hand, combines gestural and textural playing with analog synthesized sound, which is created by a complex network of interconnected modules in which sound, video and control signals are transformed and influenced.


*1960 Zeitz, lives and works in Berlin. Influenced by European free jazz of the 1970s, he played drums in various punk bands in Berlin (West) in the 1980s. In the punk and experimental music environment of these years he began to deal with improvised and electroacoustic music, machine music and automatons. Today he builds his own drum sets and develops playing techniques and collective improvisation concepts. He extends the acoustic drum sounds partially by live electronics. He has been building autopoietic installations that generate sounds, videos, drawings and sculptures from analog modular systems for several years. He plays in various formations as a drummer and participates in various interdisciplinary projects (theatre, radio, visual arts). He works as a composer, sound artist, drummer and sound designer.


*1965 Basel-City, lives and works in Berlin.
Joke Lanz has certainly been one of the most prominent and creative minds on the international noise and performance scene for almost 30 years. Whether with the Schimpfluch Gruppe, with Sudden Infant or as a turntablist and performer: Joke Lanz destroys expectations and safety nets, breaks open, irritates and fascinates.
He has worked with Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore remixed him, Peter Kowald, Shelley Hirsch, Z'EV, Astro, Daniel Menche, Lasse Marhaug, Dieb13, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Mat Pogo, Rudolf Eb.he, Johannes Bauer, Martin Tétreault, Audrey Chen and many others, he shared stage and physical intensity.
The list is long. Recently Joke Lanz played Adolf Wölfli in a play by Meret Matter in Bern and Basel. He gives workshops in Cairo, shows his collages in Tokyo, plays with Sudden Infant at the 100 Club in London or scratches as a soloist with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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