Workshop on 3D & 360 music production with ZYLIA

Workshop on 3D & 360 music production with ZYLIA


ZYLIA is the world’s first Portable Recording Studio that allows you to record entire 3D sound scenes with only one microphone, and then separate the individual sound sources from the recording in post-production.

This workshop is addressed to all who wish to capture a 3D full-sphere audio scene of music or ambient sounds for virtual reality applications (360 degrees). Beam-forming and signal-separation technologies employed by the ZYLIA spherical microphone array are related to binauralization and ambisonics.

Topics that will be covered include:

- What is ZYLIA microphone array?
- How to use 3D audio capture of ZYLIA microphone array in rehearsal recording?
- Sound recording with Zylia array for VR

This workshop will be presented by Tomasz Żernicki, PhD, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Zylia.

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